Executive Members

Dr. Tami A. Martino, PhD Director

Cardiovascular & Circadian

A Headshot for Dr. Jamie Burr

Dr. Jamie Burr, PhD

Cardiovascular Physiology

A Headshot for Dr. John Dawson

Dr. John Dawson, PhD

Cardiac Actin
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

A Headshot for Matt Vickarious

Dr. Matt Vickaryous, PhD

Cardiac Repair

Wound Healing and Development

A Headshot for Lynne O'Sullivan

Dr. Lynne O’Sullivan

DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVIM

Veterinary Cardiology

Natural Animal Models

Heart Disease

A Headshot for Nina Jones

Dr. Nina Jones, PhD

Canada Research Chair

Eukaryotic Cellular Signalling

A Headshot for Dr. Philip Millar

Dr. Philip Millar, PhD

Cardiovascular System

Sympathetic Nervous System

A Headshot for Tarek Saleh

Dr. Tarek Saleh, PhD

Central Regulation of
Autonomic Function

A Headshot for Sonja Fonfara

Dr. Sonja Fonfara, PhD

DVM, Dr Med Vet, Diplomate ECVIM

Cardiorespiratory Medicine

Cardiac Remodeling

A Headshot for Todd Gillis

Dr. Todd Gillis, PhD

Cardiac Proteins


A Headshot for Coral Murrant

Dr. Coral Murrant, PhD

Cardiac Proteins


A Headshot for Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard

Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard, PhD

BVSc, DipVetSurg, MSc, FRCVS



A headshot of Dr. Ron Johnson

Dr. Ron Johnson, PhD

DVM, Diplomate ACVCP



A headshot of Dr. Hari Simha

Dr. Hari Simha, P.Eng, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

a headshot of Sarah Alderman

Dr. Sarah Alderman, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

a headshot of David Ma

Dr. David Ma, PhD


a headshot of Marica Bakovic

Dr. Marica Bakovic, PhD

Lipid Metabolism

a headshot of Clara Cho

Dr. Clara Cho, PhD


Dr. Michael Tymko, PhD

Cerebrovascular Physiology

Dr. Jibran Khokhar, PhD

Neuroscience / addiction

Dr. Giannina Descalzi, PhD

Neuroscience / chronic pain

A headshot of Dr. Tarak Khatua

Dr. Tarak Khatua, PhD

NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata

a headshot of Reza Fatmi

Dr. Reza Fatmi, DVM, PhD

Dr. Naghmeh Moori, DVM, PhD

A headshot of Dr. Mina Rasouli

Dr. Mina Rasouli, PhD

Dalriada Drug Discovery

Members and Collaborators

Membership Benefits:

The Cardiovascular Centre (CCVI) combines our expertise to provide an excellent multidisciplinary training environment to support and enhance clinical, basic, and translational cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cardio-respiratory, cardio-renal, and related health sciences studies. Members of the CCVI benefit from research and education on the management and treatment of disease. Moreover, CCVI members have priority access to our research INVESTIGATORS, facilities, and input into future plans for the Centre.

We also encourage members, colleagues, and students to attend our CCVI Seminars and Distinguished Scientist Lectures, as well as our Cardiovascular Scientific Day conference.

The CCVI is a network of individuals involved in collaborative cardiovascular research including investigators, clinicians, graduate and undergraduate trainees. Early, mid and senior career investigators holding an appointment with the University of Guelph are welcome. Please contact for information on membership.