Diversity/Inclusivity and Respectful Participation

Policy on Respectful Dialogue

The Cardiovascular Centre welcomes a wide diversity of researchers as well as policy makers and industry leaders. Participants are encouraged to keep criticism constructive. Debate of ideas is encouraged, allowing faculty and students to enjoy lively and stimulating events.

Policy on Social Media Use

We encourage the use of social media before, during, and after the events in order to share information and to network with others. However, we ask all participants to adhere to the following social media guidelines:

  • Blog or tweet about what you are hearing and learning, but refrain from sharing information when the speaker explicitly requests this. Talks are tweetable and shareable by default, but speakers can request that specific details or slides not be shared.
  • Whenever possible, use the hashtag #CCVIGuelph to discuss the Cardiovascular Centre.
  • Converse and network with other faculty and students before, during, and after events.
  • Provide feedback to the faculty and student executive committees. We encourage everyone to post and discuss topics of interest as well as ideas for future meetings.
  • Communicate with respect and consideration for others, keeping criticism constructive.
  • Do not engage in rudeness or personal attacks.

Policy on Sex and Gender Equality

The Cardiovascular Centre strives to achieve sex and gender representation in line with the balance in our research community at varying career stages. Our events are aimed to achieve this through our undergraduate, graduate, and executive faculty committees, as well as session chairs, posters and oral presentations, and through invitations to plenary speakers. Cardiovascular Research Day 2018 is the first in this series to present a sex and gender policy, with a goal to improving equality over time. The conference advances the position that research excellence in our discipline requires acknowledging achievements of all, and hopes to encourage and inspire future health research leaders.

The University of Guelph acknowledges the Attawandaron people on whose traditional territory the University of Guelph resides and offer our respect to our Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Metis neighbours as we strive to strengthen our relationships with them. At the University of Guelph, fostering a culture of inclusion is an institutional imperative.